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Why doesn't my website appear on Google? It's a question we've answered many times, and the truth is you're competing with millions of other websites providing similar products and services.

But you're in luck. AMS can get your website on the first page of Google within a week! Online marketing is our main focus in today's digital world. When it comes to search engine placement there are two main ways to achieve results, Organic and PPC marketing.


Organic search marketing consists of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and continuous content added to your website. As part of our Website Design services, we perform SEO automatically while building your site. It simply consists of using good development practices, and utilizing keywords throughout your site wherever possible to increase your chances of appearing higher on the list of search engine results.

The second part of Organic search marketing is to have your company add content continuously to your website on a weekly basis. However, even if you find the time and resources to achieve this, there's still no guarantee we can get your site to appear on search engines like Google.

That's where PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search marketing comes in. We can deliver targeted traffic and conversions that will yield results faster than Organic search marketing. Successful PPC search marketing programs offer incredible revenue and brand-building opportunities. Best of all, we can guarantee first page placement on Google within a week! - VIEW PRICING

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